On 22-Mar-2014 23:42 -0700, Gary Kuznitz wrote:
I'm getting an error when trying to edit a srcmbr.

The error is: <ed:> EDT0225 "Member AGECHECK has data which
cannot be displayed."
Cause . . . . . : Data files with nondisplayable characters cannot
be edited or browsed by this editor.
Recovery . . . : Choose another member to edit or browse.

The error msgEDT0225 is a generic response to a prior escape message diagnosed by the WS, irrespective of the cause; i.e. the origin *may* be the data in the member, but the error instead could be caused by another anomaly unrelated to the data in the member. It is the prior messaging that diagnoses the actual origin; though the details from those messages, even if including all messaging context from a spooled joblog, is not necessarily enough to expose the origin of the error, such that a trace of the data to the device would be required for validity as 5250 datastream and then to determine the origin for that data.

I have tried other members and other source files in different libs.
I get the same error.

So the error is pervasive; i.e. occurs on every member against which STRSEU is issued [from the console, per a followup reply]? And does that occur only for 2=Edit, or also for 5=Display?

Yesterday the files were fine.
Earlier today I ran a list of damaged objects.
Nothing listed. Then I ran a RCLSTG,I re-started the system, Ran a
backup, re-started the system, Changed Qhour and Qminute.
Then I noticed this problem.

I'm running V4r4.

Does anyone know of any way to fix this?

Probably only with further diagnostic information. But likely only a circumvention [apparently, using a device other than the console, per a followup reply] will suffice. Correctives are limited mostly to what can be changed, re-created, or restored for such an old release; i.e. no defect support, and even an existing preventive or corrective PTF would be difficult to identify and\or obtain.

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