Yes, of course I understand that... My confusion comes from this statement...

One issue, which I don't think anyone's software will handle, is we have many customers whose physical install address is different than their postal mailing address. Because of this, install address will not be in the address data base, thus cannot verify/validate nor determine the location for mapping and/or taxing/franchise purposes.

This sounds as if the installation address data is not stored anywhere. This clearly cannot be the case, unless they use paper to store this information. My point was is, if the data lives in your database somewhere (anywhere), it can be standardized and corrected by api.

The issue of unlisted physical addresses cannot be easily solved, and is not really the point of my comment. Only solution is to use additional address validation services or products, perhaps from the shipping vendors (Fedex, UPS, Purolator, etc.) employed by the DC.


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On 3/14/2014 3:32 PM, DeLong, Eric wrote:
That sounds odd... These "install addresses" aren't stored anywhere? How do you know where to send the stuff to be installed? I'm sure you didn't mean that, but you imply that you have no way of applying address standardization to them... I'm confused.

We have a standardized address format and service programs to apply the address correction business on all address changes (or adds). We can apply this to any address, within any file, fairly consistently. I'm sure something similar would work for you.

Not trying to put you off, just curious...

Say a customer physically lives at 5250 Western Turnpike. That doesn't
mean that this is where the USPS will deliver his mail. His address in
the USPS database might be RR 9 BOX 221B or HC 20 BOX 221B. So the
customer calls the phone company and wants service installed. He gives
the address as Western Turnpike. Look that up in the USPS database
and... it's not there, because the USPS has RR 9 for that 'location'.

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