There is certainly something 'busted' here but certainly not always. I have had several people comment on this to me and I know others on this list have had the issue as well.

I have not had issues with this myself and I've done a LOT of upgrades to HMCs.

One reason I think is I usually do the unattended upgrade with the network images so that's all done 'silently' so no keyboard to make mistakes at.

Having said that though I have ALWAYS used the number 1 above the Q, never the keypad as I'm never sure if it's in num-lock or not. As the disk has popped out I take the opportunity to swap disks and lock the second disk in, then wait for the DVD light to stop blinking. At that point I press 1 very deliberately. Then wait for it and it has always worked. Once the 1 is accepted you get a prompt to swap disks. At that point though I already have so I simply press enter and away it goes.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 3/5/2014 7:31 PM, Kirk Goins wrote:

OK I knew this answer once but it has been a while. During an HMC Upgrade
using Recovery Media, at the the end of the first DVD, the HMC posts a
question about wanting to install additional software ( I think that is
correct ).there are 2 options It appears that I should press a '1' to
continue and what I expect to see is it eventually tell me to put the
next/#2 DVD in the machine and probably press enter or some such thing.

What I get is nothing on the screen and if I press enter it just repeats
itself. I have tried recently to use the both the 10key #1 and QWERTY #1
with the same results.

What am I supposed to press? this as happended to me at multiple levels of
HMCs and with a mix of keyboards

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