I did this not too long ago...
clear "all user data"
create program to write "One's and Zero's"...
ran it multiple times...

but then I got too cute by half...

this was a a mirrored disk system, so before I went to reinstall the OS,
I thought it would be better if I swapped a bunch of the drives....
(44 disks) I moved load source... I moved drives between racks.....

every drive I moved showed up in error, and even when I moved them back,
they still showed in error...

On 3/4/2014 8:30 PM, DrFranken wrote:
I Used this logic to clean up a few different systems now.

Delete all user identifiable information:
All libraries
All user stuff from QGPL and QUSRSYS
All user profiles
All Device Descriptions
All output queues
All spooled files.
All customer IFS files.
All configuration objects including IP Configuration.
All DLO.
All non-essential LPPs which works out to pretty much all of them at
this poing.
The theory here being you still have on the system ONLY the stuff that
is IBM and it was on the disk before so the places it occupies are not
critical to a data wipe.

Now use a small program to write records of 1K Bytes using binary
pattern '11111111'. Fill up the system until the disks are full 99.9%.
I used multiple copies of the file in different libraries and ran as
many as possible until the disks were all being hammered pretty good.

Now clear the files (Faster to clear and re-write than to overwrite the

Now write pattern 01010101.
Repeat with pattern 10101010.
Repeat with pattern 0000000.

When you think yo've written enough patterns, manual IPL to an i 7.1 DVD
and install the LIC. Then add all disks to the ASP to write a final
pattern of 0's to all of them.

Alternatively you could instead do:

D-IPL from DVD.
Install the LIC.
Stop all RAID
Add all units to ASP
This step will make one pass over the disks writing 0's. So that's
pretty much got it there already as we know but not DOD level.

Then run the program as listed above.

That said the PRPQ is a good idea but if you have a SAN it won't work
with that.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 3/4/2014 9:00 PM, Jerome Draper wrote:

Suggestions for doing a DOD erase of an IBMi?

1. PRPQ Disk Sanitizer
2. Map a drive and use a Windows disk clean pgm
3. Boot Linux and use a Linux disk clean pgm
4. Other solution?



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