On 04-Mar-2014 18:00 -0800, Jerome Draper wrote:
Suggestions for doing a DOD erase of an IBMi?

1. PRPQ Disk Sanitizer
2. Map a drive and use a Windows disk clean pgm
3. Boot Linux and use a Linux disk clean pgm
4. Other solution?

Option-1, or Option-4 whereby a similarly DOD-certified\approved feature is performed against each\every drive.

Option-2 is not a valid option. A mapped drive is not an equivalent to actually /giving/ the entire disk unit to Win.

Option-3, I do not understand what is implied; but assuming that the "Linux disk clean pgm" is an effective equivalent to the "PRPQ Disk Sanitizer" and simply allows obtaining that equivalent feature either at no cost or at a lesser cost than the PRPQ, then that seems just as good an option as Option-1, but of course requiring whatever extra work is required to 'boot Linux'.

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