Sue - I think you meant that if in the plan cache, it is SQE.

I just verified what else you said - last statement in a job shows only SQE-optimized statements. Using the SEQUEL product, I was able to go back and forth - if using *SEQUEL as server, it uses QQQQRY API to run queries - and that uses CQE.

Using *LOCALSYS as server, it uses SQE through CLI.

It appears that plan cache is basically working the same as last statement in job.

In order to see if a statement is optimized with CQE, it is necessary to run a monitor, then query over the data - I did not see, at the latest IBM i Access, an option to filter by optimizer used.


On 3/4/2014 2:07 PM, Sue Romano wrote:
I was able to dig up 2 possible things you can check.

There is a DB Monitor field, QQC16, in the 3014 record. If it has a value
of 'Y'. CQE was used.

Also, if a query is in the plan cache, it by definition ran CQE.

I'm not arguing about pros/cons of CQE vs SQE or why one shouldn't be too
concerned just because something ran in CQE and not SQE. I am just
curious if I have anything still running in CQE. No, I'm not asking for a
list of functions known to still use CQE. I'm asking if there's something
in iNav's "SQL Performance Monitors" or "SQL Plan Cache" or some such
thing that you can sort or select by for CQE hits.

Is there such a beast?

Rob Berendt

Sue Romano
IBM i SQL Development

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