The consoles are not old at all. At one time we or rather I rebooted the HMCs on a regular basis. I did forget that doing so is important. I will have to start doing that again. We also have HMC consoles at a remote location and using a KVM sounds like a good idea.

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How old are your HMC Consoles?
There is some memory corruption that seems to occur over a great length of time. One reason we reboot our HMC's once a quarter, shortly before that weekend in which we actually use the console sessions. At the remote site (to me anyway, known as the main plant to everyone else) we have a KVM. I can reboot the HMC using the normal web interface. Where the KVM comes into play is starting the shared console sessions. The only other time we lose sessions is when we do a disruptive firmware upgrade and IPL the whole rack. Again, the KVM helps out there.

There are two frustrating things about our current KVM setup.
1 - Demands a speedy connection. Otherwise the mouse never gets any degree of accuracy. I've driven in solely because of this at times.
2 - Look at your laptop keyboard. See those numbers on your JKLUIOM...
keys? Knowing whether or not numlock is on is difficult. I try to type in a 'visible' field first. When the first field you're typing in is a password field it's a little difficult.

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Recently 2 of our HMC consoles seem to be losing their signals more often
and I have to unplug/plug the power cords to get them back. We hardly use
the physical consoles and I'm wondering if it is doing some type of
serious time-out. Has anyone experienced this?

Becky Bakutis

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