Thanks for transcribing the contents of that link, Chuck.

However, by doing so you are reinforcing behavior that I was trying to
discourage. Namely, I found that information by doing a 10-second Google
search, which the OP could have done just as easily.

The information on this mailing list is excellent, but it shouldn't be a
first resort.

Trevor Briggs
Lincare, Inc.
(727) 431-1246

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On 24-Feb-2014 07:02 -0800, Briggs, Trevor (TBriggs2) wrote:
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Files are like QACX47QVVT_wbsm
All start with <ed: prefix> "QACX" and end in <ed: suffix> _wbsm
with random characters between

Do you use Oracles's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software? A Google
search shows:

leusercontent <<SNIP>>

Or instead of that ridiculously long and probably temporal web cache
link, the content reproduced in full and attributed below [in about the
same number of bytes :-) ] from the link to the original content
embedded within as the non-delimited string: <http%3A%2F%2Fe>:
E1 Tips: Tips & Tricks of Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne CNC
_QACX Files In The iSeries IFS_
March 6, 2007 Stewart Schatz
EnterpriseOne - General, IBM i/System i/iSeries/AS400
"We had almost 8000 QACXxxxxxx files in our tmp directory in the IFS on
our System i Enterprise server. They didn't seem to be causing any harm,

but they were definitely taking up space.

According to Oracle (WARNING: you will need access to Oracle's customer
support site), these files are temporary and should be cleaned by the
system when a UBE completes processing. So far, since I have been
monitoring, the UBEs are completing successfully, but the QACX files are

remaining in IFS.

According to the Oracle doc, these files can be deleted...preferably
E1 services are down to ensure that you do not delete something the
system is using."

Or a direct download link for some Oracle documentation with what is
presumably a relevant doc snippet with regard to the above tip, the
following link and attribution info:
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Installation Guide
Applications Release 9.1 and Tools Release 9.1.x for IBMi with DB2/400
January 2014
4.3.8 _Cleaning Up From Prior Installations_
If you have previously run the Platform Pack installer on your IBM i
machine, prior to re-running it you must ensure that all QACX ' files
are cleared from this folder:


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