IBM provides an API called tmpnam() (external name is _C_IFS_tmpnam) That will generate an IFS file with a unique temporary ("random") name. The idea is to allow multiple processes to create IFS files in the same /tmp directory without their names conflicting. The API ensures that the names are unique.

Although yours may all start with 'QACX', I don't think that is guaranteed. I think the names can be different than that if you generate enough files.

So I suspect there's an application on your system that is doing something like (this is RPG code, but it could be any language, of course):

tempfile = %str(tmpnam(*omit)) + '_wbsm';
x = open(tempfile: ...etc...)

I guess what i'm driving at here is that searching on the filename is probably going to be fruitless since these are temporary names generated by an API that generates random filenames.

But, likely, some process during your startup is creating them and using them for something. The "wbsm" is likely the best clue you have. Maybe look at the characters "wbsm" and see if maybe you have something starting that these characters would make sense for.

Good luck.

On 2/24/2014 8:26 AM, Mike Cunningham wrote:
Sorry - forgot about images in emails on this list

Files are like QACX47QVVT_wbsm
All start with "QACX" and end in _wbsm with random characters between

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Anyone know what these files in IFS tmp folder are from?


We have 13 of them all dated today at system startup time

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