On 2/20/2014 3:41 PM, Koester, Michael wrote:
Sorry about my sloppy terminology.

Meh. We repurpose so many words it's hard to keep track :-)

I am wanting to remove a procedure.

Looks like my choices are either:
1. Use CRTSRVPGM (listing only the modules that I want going forward), and regenerate the binder list, and recompile everything that uses any of the procedures in the service program...
...or 2. Ignore that the service program has some junk that will never be called (unless somebody messes up the binder list).

There is a 3rd choice: Create a new service program (SRVPGM2). Remove
SRVPGM1 from your binding directory and add V2. You have the one
program you need to recompile to use the new procedure; when it
compiles, it will bind to V2. All the other programs will continue to
use V1 until they get touched, when they will bind to V2.

Eventually, you'll either touch all the callers which use V1 or you'll
get down to a dozen or so and recompile them just to be able to get rid
of V1.

That may be a dumb idea, but it is theoretically another option to consider.

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