On 20-Feb-2014 12:21 -0800, Gary Thompson wrote:

CRPence Thursday, February 20, 2014 1:10 PM wrote:

On 20-Feb-2014 11:43 -0800, Charles Wilt wrote:
<<SNIP>> it won't.

From a stand point of never having<<SNIP>>

I have seen an effect that seems very pervasive, whereby any line
starting with the word "from" seems to be prefixed by the
greater-than sign. <<SNIP>> See that effect in the archive of the
above quoted message:

Hmm, likely I am missing something, but I don't see a greater-than
The fifth sentence (From a stand point of...) is indented some five
or more spaces.
I used IE 9.0.8122.16421.

The rendering of quotations in the archives as provided by archive.midrange.com is no longer as conspicuous [and not as ugly IMO] as what used to appear. The quoted text of a replied-to message is simply indented. So what is described as having been seen, whereby the midrange archives have dropped the greater-than sign and rendered the same /quoting/ effect instead as that indentation... suggests that the noted\fifth sentence is to be inferred by the reader, to be quoted text from another message rather than text that Charles wrote in his reply message.

To see the effects more conspicuously, with the greater-than sign still included, see either of these alternate means to access a copy of the archived messages:

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