Sorry about my sloppy terminology. I am wanting to remove a procedure. The module objects are also there in the production library, and in my case, that old module will be pitched as well. But for my executable concerns, the procedure would be no longer used, and I would endeavor to expunge it from the service program.

Looks like my choices are either:
1. Use CRTSRVPGM (listing only the modules that I want going forward), and regenerate the binder list, and recompile everything that uses any of the procedures in the service program...
...or 2. Ignore that the service program has some junk that will never be called (unless somebody messes up the binder list).

-- Michael

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On 2/20/2014 2:22 PM, Koester, Michael wrote:
I have a service program that contains 8 modules. One of those
modules I want to replace with another of a different name -
deprecating one and adding a new one that is similar but different
enough to be named differently. The one program that called the module
to be removed is being changed and recompiled (to use the new &
improved one), so the old module would not really be missed.

Terminology can be very important here.
Do you want to remove a module from the service program or a sub-
procedure? A program can't call a module.

1) Would updating the service program (UPDSRVPGM) to add the new
module cause signature violation issues? I have binder source, which
would be updated, but some of the programs that call other modules of
the service program were created before the binder source.

If you remove a procedure from the list of exports, the signature bound
into all of the calling programs is now different. An example of
current service program exports:

mdy2ymd 1
encrypt 2
decrypt 3
centerstring 4
encode 5
decode 6

I have a program OEORDDSP which uses encode and decode. When I compile
OEORDDSP, the binder doesn't store the procedure names in the code, it
stores their export position. So when the RPG program does a serial =
encode(name) it really calls out to serial = EXPORT[5] PARM(name).
Perfectionists are cringing but that's the general idea.

If you remove centerstring from your service program and run OEORDDSP,
it will still call the 5th export, because that's what we told it to do
the lat time we compiled it. Only now, here is the list of exports:

mdy2ymd 1
encrypt 2
decrypt 3
encode 4
decode 5

Yeah, the decode procedure gets called instead of the encode procedure.
That's why service program signatures exist - to stop that from
happening accidentally.

2) Is that old module forever part of the service program (and a
source of confusion to everyone that follows me and wonders about this
phantom module)?

Yes, it would be left in the service program.

3) Would I be better off recreating the service program (CRTSRVPGM)
to permanently remove the old module?

Running 7.1, no TR 7 yet.

If you remove a procedure you will pretty much need to rebind every
program that uses that service program.

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