With a packaged app, you can't change the files - the ISV has done what they did for reasons, and they handle this stuff in their programs.

So I suggest you use the setting to convert 65535 stuff - there's really no other choice in your situation, I think.


On 2/15/2014 8:31 AM, Narayanan Pillai wrote:

That work-around is essentially telling a lie to the system, to trick
the system into behaving as one might expect in a particular situation.
However, that same lie may expose ill-effects in other
cases\situations; i.e. in a scenario where the tagged-ad binary-data
should indeed be treated as binary-data, whereby /forced conversion/
will be undesirable.

Pardon the ignorance, how does one go about doing this for a packaged
application, like JDEdwards, for instance?

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