Unless your tape drive is one old dead dog it's a rare day when saving to
virtual tape in a disk image catalog will be faster. You're beating the
heck out of your disk controllers. And I just get this feeling that your
system is not one with buku disk controllers, multiple ASP's to break up
the arms, etc.

Why do you perform a SAVSYS? Often it's to IPL from it. Or to restore
the OS from it. If you're not shortly performing a DUPTAP (or DUPMEDBRM)
to physical tape, then I agree with IBM. It's rather pointless. I
suppose if
1 - you have the time
2 - if you have the ability, since your main system will be down you will
need a second system
to take this copy of your tape catalog, ftp it to some other system, that
is then capable of doing a DUPTAP (or DUPMEDBRM) to physical tape, then
that's a different story.

Rob Berendt

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