Thanks again Chuck.

It's the customer's setup over which I have little control, but if I have an opportunity, I'll see if they have a link to some server that doesn't have hyphens in the name and try cat with some files on it.

On 2/3/2014 2:46 PM, CRPence wrote:
After some searching [hang\wait\perfm for QNTC], about all I could
come up with as a possible assist, was the following PTF, not on a
cumulative; i.e. after C0292540, that if not yet applied, might help
[apparent latest, in the PTF chain that I infer includes QZLCKERN]:

FWiW, I might be mis-remembering, but I have a vague recollection of
some issues involving server\share names with characters other than
simply alphabetic and numeric digits.?

Given joblog details represented as a symptom kwd string:
msgCPDB050 errno3447 rc3447 cpe3447 ETIMEDOUT

Regards, Chuck

On 02-Feb-2014 17:44 -0800, Peter Dow wrote:
Thanks for the ideas Chuck. Let's see...

cd /g

cat asp_445.csv asp_445_canada.csv

hangs, and after canceling the session, the job log shows

5722SS1 V5R4M0 060210 Job Log BUSHNELL 02/02/14 19:07:06 Page 1
Job name: QP0ZSPWP User: PDOW Number: 385579
Job description . . . . . . : TEST37 Library . . . . . : PDOW
CPDB050 Diagnostic 30 02/02/14 19:07:06.093112
From module . . . . . . . . : QZLCVUT
From procedure . . . . . . : QzlcDiagMsg
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 191
To module . . . . . . . . . : QZLCVUT
To procedure . . . . . . . : QzlcDiagMsg
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 191
Message: Session initialization error with Network Server BPO-DC2.
Cause . . . . . : The Network Server file system (QNTC) detected an
error attempting to initialize a session with Network Server BPO-DC2.
Recovery . . . : Ensure the QSERVER subsystem is started and
operational. If the Server is loaded on an Integrated xSeries Server
for iSeries, ensure that the NWSD is varied on and the server is
active. If the Server is a remote system, ensure that the system is
active and the Server program has been started. If the Server is an
OS/400 NetServer, ensure that the server has been started. Technical
description . . . . . . . . : An error code 3447 was received while
trying to initialize a session to the Network Server BPO-DC2. To
determine the meaning of the error number, do one of the following:
If the error code is 4 digits, then - Use DSPMSGD CPExxxx, where
xxxx is the error number, to display an error message containing
more information about this error number. - Display one of the
following files that contain descriptions of error numbers:
QSYSINC/SYS, member ERRNO and QCLE/H member ERRNO. <<SNIP>>

I'd done the DSPMSGD CPE3447 ("A remote host did not respond within
the timeout period.") which I mentioned in the original post
(although I didn't say where I got it from).

I tried

cd /home/pdow [local folder]
cat thekey.txt thekey2.txt > /g/thekey.txt

and it immediately created /g/thekey.txt with the contents of the 2
files. So I guess writing to a /QNTC folder is not a problem.

I started "cat asp_445.csv asp_445_canada.csv" again and let it run,
and after about 5-10 minutes, it started spitting out the contents of
the 2 files.

So reading the files from /g just takes a lllooooonnnnng time?

I actually remember those environment variables, and how they make a
dramatic improvement when doing "WRKLNK '/QNTC'", but one of the old
workarounds for that issue, prior to the environment variables, was
creating a symbolic link pointing to the particular server you want
(if you know what it is), which is what the /g does for me.

On 2/1/2014 4:28 PM, CRPence wrote:
So how about using cat to stdout instead of writing to /g [in
/QNTC]; i.e. drop the redirect. Does that function well, or result
in the same error? If that also fails the same, perhaps try cat a
couple local file with redirect to /g to implicate the write
instead of the read as origin for the encountered difficulty.

Not sure where the msg CPDB050 is logged [apparently the
interactive joblog invoking the QSHell facility vs one of the
/batch/ jobs that implements the work], but are the full message
details [F6=Print or spooled joblog] available... to clarity if
perhaps the errno 3447 ETIMEDOUT condition is specific to the
readdir or something else.?

I did not find any APARs with msgCPDB050 rc3447 nor various kwd
combinations with either errno3447 ETIMEDOUT


Note: I recall one or two environment variables related to how
/QNTC server connections are cached\tracked. <<SNIP>>

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