Here is another little obscure tidbit about QNTC that might get you to
swear it off forever.

What are all the share names on that server? Are they ALL short names and
not just the share or shares you are using?

For example if you have
and you are only accessing
you may fail. Why? Because QNTC does not allow you to have share names
on the target system over ?10? characters. Even if you are not accessing
Behavior is sporadic.
Not just an IBM i limitation. This will also occur for system Z.
Something to do with an earlier Windows specification that Windows later
We actually have a separate server set up just because we had one
gentleman with a fondness for large share names. So we moved the data to
this other server.
We are moving over to NFS instead. See the commands MOUNT, UNMOUNT,

Rob Berendt

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