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On 30-Jan-2014 09:47 -0800, Hoteltravelfundotcom wrote:
I have a file that is 'txt' not PF. Can I make a logical DDS LF on
that? <<SNIP>>

The file is created on the i as a 'txt' not PF.

Seems probable, the attempt is to suggest that the "file" is a Stream File (*STMF) created with a file-extension [i.e. an extension of the name] of '.txt', such that the "file" and data is stored outside of the /QSYS.LIB file system and therefore is not a Database Physical File *FILE object.? That is, data stored outside of [DB2] database files.

I need to have some index on it,

Presumably the attempt is to suggest that access to the data in the 'txt' file should be made accessible via an index of that data, for access by the database or the database SQL.? If the data is stream data identified as /records/ due to a known EOR indication, then the data from that 'txt' file could be imported from that other file system [i.e. elsewhere from /QSYS.LIB, but also under root] into a database Physical File under the /QSYS.LIB in order to allow a database keyed Access Path to be created [be that a keyed DDS LF via CRTLF or an SQL INDEX via CREATE INDEX].

Or if the indexed data is for more general text searching [or is not structured as "record" data], then consider text search indexes with the OmniFind® Text Search Server that provides "Extensions to Index and Search Non-DB2 Data":

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