On 23-Jan-2014 12:31 -0800, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
I did an unattended system save on our Pencor06 R&D partition Monday
evening, the save ended abnormally because it didn’t complete within
the 360 minutes.
It was saving the IFS when it ended because of the time limit.

Did the system have a recent pwrdwn\IPL cycle? IIRC there is a TechNote\KB-item about increase in time requirements post-IPL due to the first-touch being detected during save activity vs during other normal activity during that system-up period. For database files, as I recall, the first-touch can be initiated by DSPFD for *MBR or *MBRLIST details; possibly directory listings of STMF to include sizes to effect similar for their dataspace and cursor objects.

Hmm... I found instead, an InfoAPAR II12893, although apparently not updated to include any reference to any of R710 V7R1 7.1 V7R1M0:

Any thoughts of where to look for issues.

I would probably start by comparing the joblog of the terminated request with a joblog whereby the savlib\sav activity had completed within the allotted time; reviewing for timing of messaging of the completion of portions of the save activity, such as those issued for each library saved.

And if not done already, obtain the latest save\restore PTF group. Perhaps also search for any fixes [not on the group] having symptom kwd\tokens: SAVLIB PERFM

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