We have a situation at a customer, with an SQL View that's part of our
Wintouch product, and Mimix.

I know I've heard of Mimix, but I can't remember what it is, or what it

All I know about the problem is what they're telling us:

This is the file that gives mimix heartburn every night. I can delete
it on “B” and push a fresh copy down and the audit runs clean. The
next day the same thing. I just can’t figure out why………

and a screen shot of "Work with Audited Objects," showing (the names have been changed to protect the innocent):

> Audited Object
> Opt Status Type Name
and so forth.

and it's WTACTSV2U and its *NE status that they're referring to.

All of the files listed on the screenshot are SQL Views of DDS PFs. WTACTSV2U in particular is a UNION ALL of three slightly different joins, tying scheduled activities to their accounts and/or contacts, and WTACTSV2C is a very simple view (I don't even remember why it's necessary) that's defined as "SELECT * FROM WTACTSV2U."

If I understood what MIMIX does, and what the "Work with Audited Objects" is trying to tell us, I'd know what to tell the customer.


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