On 24-Jan-2014 09:49 -0800, Gary Thompson wrote:
I want to see "system time" in our FTP logs.

We transfer bunches of files daily to a central distribution point
from where the files are translated and re-distributed to various
points around the Western US.

The ability to chase/fix problems has us working to get detailed and
accurate info about each file transfer at each point in the "path".

A quick check of my V6R1 FTP manual shows LIST or NLST subcommands
produce entries which include "modification time".

I want "current system time" so the hack that comes to mind is:
have a dedicated folder: systime
update a dedicated file: /systime/curtime
issue FTP LIST command: LIST systime curtime

A better way ?

I have a simple CL program that I call to do that:

The FTP log is kind enough to copy the result of an Escape message to its log. Of course the RCMD feature can not be disabled. The CLP is of course nothing but RTVSYSVAL QDATETIME and then SNDPGMMSG an escape to the invoker.

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