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I am looking at changing a local program used for FTP.

Are optional parameters possible in CLLE ?

The idea is existing programs calling this changed program
will not pass the new parameter and will not need changing.

Note that all of the responses about trying to use the parameter and
monitoring for an invalid/null pointer are NOT correct for not passing
a pointer at all (unless CLLE does something under the covers for
checking the number of parameters passed versus the field being

If a pointer is not passed (valid or null), then there could be a
valid pointer in the memory location where that pointer would be if it
had been passed.

You need the equivalent of the RPGLE %PARMS BIF. I suspect that you
will need to use one of the CEE APIs to do that, but I don't know. I
have many RPGLE programs that can handle varying numbers of
parameters, but I've never done that in CLLE.

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