On 21-Jan-2014 10:52 -0800, Bryan Dietz wrote:

CRPence said the following on Tue, 1/21/2014 1:07 PM:
On 20-Jan-2014 11:33 -0800, Jim Wood wrote:
Does any one have a copy of PTF SI07312 for V4 R2. We are trying to
send a spool file out by email and it appears that our module
QRNXUTIL in QSYS needs the above PTF applied.

A quick web search suggests the PTF Identifier SI07312 is part of
5722SS1-V5R2M0; i.e. not V4R2.

I seem to recall that pre-V5 PTFs were SFxxxxx PTF's maybe a typo?

Possibly, but very doubtful, as SI07312 includes the *SRVPGM QRNXUTIL; apparently as origin for an issue with exporting _QRNX_JNI_FREE_OBJ and apparently as described in the APAR SE08697. But of course that information comes from archived web discussions, not from the APAR or Cover Letter themselves, as they are long gone.

My guess is that the OP\subject names the wrong VRM.

FWiW only:

And searching on SF07312 is not fruitful; regardless, it is highly improbable that a PTF by that name also delivered QRNXUTIL :-)

Several discussions here, and at least one on comp.sys.ibm.as400.misc, back in 2003 all support the probability that the; implying msgCPD5D02 was the likely symptom string keyword:
Subject: Java & RPG
"... CRTBNDRPG ... symbol '_QRNX_JNI_FREE_OBJ'. ..."
Subject: Compile error at V5R2
"... CPD5D02 - Definition not found for symbol '_QRNX_JNI_FREE_OBJ'. ..."

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