I worked at a company awhile back with Implementer. Yes your suggestion is valid: only one copy of DDS should be used to support multiple libs.

A basic feature of any change mgmt system is

- checkout (from Prod to Test)
- develop/test
- promote (from Test to Prod)
- deploy object (not source) to multiple boxes/lpars/libs

There should be only one copy of each source module with the following exceptions:

- a source member in play (in development)
- archived versions

If you have multiple copies of DDS scattered around, it gets nasty when Tom changes copyA, and Sally changes copyB. It quickly becomes a nightmare to sync them all back up again.

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If you have Implementer, A Question: we have identical files in several libraries. Currently, we maintain identical DDS in those libraries to keep all the files in sync. I suggested using one library for the source instead of maintaining multiple copies.

We have Implementer, but not started using it yet. Is there a way to do my suggestion with Implementer in the mix ?

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