Sue.. No Concurrent Maint is the reason for not using the PCIe card based
Also I was mistaken ( Not Wrong ) :) about the CEC disk backplane. When I
did a WRKHDWRSC *STG I didn't see cards and SST Work with Devices with
Cache Batteries didn't show them either.
Turns out They were never allocated to the Base/Hosting partition. using
DLPAR and ADD they show up.

So to regroup... I am a little confused on the performance side of things.
Can you rate Best to worst in regards to performance, Some of these options
have not been discussed in this thread

4 SSDs on the Base Disk Controllers ( 175mb Cache )
4 SSDs on a pair of 5805 Controllers (380MB Cache ) in the CEC attached to
an EXP24s
4 SSDs on a ESA1 ( which appears it appears I would need to add a 12x
expansion drawer )
4 SSD on a EAS2 plugged into a PCI Riser card in the CEC

In General is there any performance gain to placing the disk controllers in
the CEC when possible over placing the same controllers out in a 12x

In the CEC
Two FC5913 with 48 drives in 2 EXP24s.
FC5901 Tape Card
1 Port on a 4 Port Ethernet Card
The same hardware in a 5877 Expansion

Thanks everyone

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