Each time FTP transmits a new file, it has to create a "data connection", this is done by connecting another (separate) TCP session to an arbitrary port number. Each connection will use a different port number.

From your description, it sounds like some of the port numbers that are being chosen are being "refused". This means that whichever computer is opening these ports is failing to open them, or possibly, that a firewall is blocking them.

The fact that this doesn't happen to every file makes me think that it's sometimes picking port numbers that are allowed in through the firewall, and sometimes picking port numbers that are not.

If you are using active mode FTP, try switching to passive mode or vice-versa. (In active mode, the FTP client has to open up the ports. In passive mode, the server does... typically, passive works better because folks providing an FTP server usually take the time to make sure it works nicely with their firewall, proxy and NAT environment. But, occasionally, the opposite is true, and it's the client that works better.)

If that does not help, then please try putting FTP into debug mode (this is done with the 'DEBUG' FTP sub-command...) and logging the details when it succeeds/fails. This will provide more information that might be used to help you.


On 1/6/2014 3:23 PM, Reiner, Tom wrote:
I have FTP scripts accessing a server from our iSeries Power 7. The process will error on file 1 with "425 Can't build data connection: Connection refused. " the go onto file 2 and down load it to the iseries. It will then download files 3 say 6 the error on file 7. Any thoughts as to what the issue might be?


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