72 Drives is no issue and 1/3 of them can be SSD. You WILL want to use 5887 Drawers with this card as they are the only 6Gb SAS drawers available. The 5802 is 3G and also you can't get to 72 drives with that drawer either as you end up with only 9 drives per port of the 5913 rather than 24 with the 5887.

Discussing with with some IBMers at COMMON (I think) they indicated that in testing they went way past 24 SSDs to see when the card would 'run out of gas' and even with two drawers full they didn't slow down. Remember IBM usually tests a fair bit past the announced 'supported maximums' to be sure there are no issues.

I would have no issue running 24 SSDs and an additional 48 'Spinny' disks on a pair of 5913s.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 10/22/2013 11:39 AM, Mitchell, Dana wrote:

We are configuring a new machine for our development environment. The first proposal included 30 139Gb drives behind a pair of 5913's. Is that too many drives for a pair of these cards? Wasn't the ROT in the past about 22-24 drives per pair of cache cards, or are these that much better performing?

BTW, I tried to search the midrange-l archives and I get a page that says:

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