Jim Oberholtzer <midrangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Wed, 16
Oct 2013 22:28:42 GMT:

Any reason to change those too? Now is
the time to make that decision.

I'm sure you've seen the discussion between Larry and Evan.

I disagree with the approach of having large LS with *ENDALC
specified and the remaining drives smaller. While it does
indeed limit writes of new stuff from going to the load source,
it means you are effectively operating with 5 instead of 6 units
when you're taking the approach of allocating the least amount
of stuff to the IBM i LPAR.

You don't mention how many units are in your customer's
environment, so it's somewhat difficult to give a definitive

I would say that if you're going to attempt to mimic your
customer's environment with lots fewer virtual drives & physcial
resource than what they have for physical drives but you have
the space, try to keep the sizes the same and don't use *ENDALC.

If your going to be space constrained, then your only choice
might be to use Larry's *ENDALC strategy but instead of 6 total
VSCSI units you go with 7 ... LS @ 70G with *ENDALC plus 6 35G.
Yup, it's 70G more than the original plan, but that's much
better than 210 G more than you originally planned.

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