Yea, I already knew to change the sizes before.

Thanks Sue.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 10/16/13 7:30 PM, Sue Baker wrote:
Jim Oberholtzer<midrangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Wed, 16
Oct 2013 23:01:23 GMT:

>The LPARs are anywhere between 15 and 30 virtual drives all at
>35GB right now. I'm going to set up at least two or more vSCSI
>controllers on each, so we can vitrualize tape/dvd on one then
>have the others for storage.
With that quantity of virtual devices, doubling all the VSCSI
units to 70G would be lots of storage. I think in this specific
case, 70G load source and then specifying *ENDALC after you get
LIC, QSYS, QUSRSYS, QGPL loaded and balanced would be an
appropriate plan.

When you create the load source unit via CRTNWSSTG, make sure
you don't specify 70000 "megabytes" as your size (NWSSIZE)
because you won't really end up with 70 GB. You need to specify
as 71680 to really get to 70 GB. However, don't forget the 512-
byte translation makes the i client LPAR see this unit as 11%
smaller, so it would end up at approximately 62 GB.

To have the client see a 70 GB (or slightly larger) unit, you
want to define at 79565 megabytes in the CRTNWSSTG command.

-- Sue IBM Americas Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) Power Systems Rochester, MN

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