First, I apologize, I have sent a number of messages back to the list regarding my issues with SQLPKGs. The messages have been rejected by - primarily because they were sent through my google account instead of my usual mail account.
My question is for those who use Thunderbird.
Why am I able to submit my original message via Thunderbird as paultherrien@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but when replying to postings on via Thunderbird thunderbird is using my google account?
Obviously it is a configuration issue, but annoying.

So to Vern...

Thanks for the info. I am getting that same idea - that I need to create the SQLPKG on the remote system from the client that will access it.
I know I read somewhere that the signature of the SQLPKG contains information from the database where the SQL originated, but I cannot find that info today.
I've been going through the database documentation in the info center and not finding specific info.


and to Jack Kingsley:

I am using SQL Connect statement to connect to remote server.

And to everyone in general...

I went into the target system using System i Navigator to look at the SQLPKG and noticed that the SQL packages do show you a column called 'Program Location' which does show you the name of the system where the SQLPKG creation originated from.
So I am guessing that the source system for the SQLPKG is integral in identifying the SQLPKG at execution time.

I asked an associate of mine about this situation and he suggested a separate library for each client machine on the target machine for the SQLPKGs.

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