Part of the confusion is how the i handles rotation and page origin. In
AFP there are 2 page origins, one a graphical that is used for page
segments, overlays and GOCA objects and a text orientation that is used
for, well , text. When you describe a page as portrait or landscape the
graphical origin is the top left corner along with the text. When you ask
the i to rotate only the text orientation moves. So remember when placing
page segs and overlays, the origin stays at the default. You can get
around this by using a form def, but most don't have PPFA to create form
defs. The simplest way is to describe the page as portrait or landscape
and avoid rotations. You can then create your overlays or page segs in the
same orientation that will be used to print them and things get a bit

Since you did a PAGRTT(90) on your default portrait page, you moved the
text origin and direction as expected to landscape.
This did not change the graphic origin and direction. It is still where it
started in the portrait location.
So to print the now obsolete PSEG1(default sample page seg, aka the
AS/400 pencil) on the top left corner of your PAGRTT(90), it would be Down
9.5 inches and Across 7.75 Rotate 90.

This split origin will give you fits, before you start rotating the page

If your job is landscape, try describing a landscape page and you can
avoid rotating text and page segs.
PAGESIZE(8.5 11 *UOM) , for letter UOM(*INCH) and remove the PAGRTT(90)

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Date: 08/12/2013 07:24 PM
Subject: rotating a pagseg
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I am using PAGRTT(90) to print an AFP PRTF in landscape mode. Works well
until I add a PAGSEG to the page. As per the DDS manual, page segments are
not automatically rotated when using the PAGRTT parameter.

Now I try ROTATION(90) as a parameter for the PAGSEG keyword and all I see
is a portion of the PAGSEG image. Even when I print in the center of the
page in case something is being clipped.

Was thinking I could rotate the image I am printing from the AFP printer
driver, but the IBM supplied AFP printer does not have a rotate option.

Does this make sense to anyone? Why would ROTATION(90) not work for me?
The DDS manual says "feature Print Services Facility (PSF) is required for
use of this keyword". But it has an effect when used.


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