Hello Group
We are seeing a issue with formatting in CSV attachments sent from iSeries
smtp email. There was a email gateway change recently and this issue seems
to have popped up from that time. Issue is - the email program (in house)
creates a MIME file and sends it using QtmmSendmail API. It has the CSV
attachment in the file and is not truncated. However when the user receive
this file in their outlook mailbox the file is truncated at about 4,000
bytes in with a ! Character delimiter. This effectively corrupts the file
if you want to open it in excel. This used to work without any issue
before the change when a domino gateway was used.

We are not sure what could be the issue here - whether something to do with
the API when it interacts with the new SMTP gateway or anything to do with
SMTP/POP settings that needs to be done or nothing to do with iSeries end
and something to do with a setting on the SMTP gateway server?

The MSGSPLIT is *NOMAX and MIMECCSID is 00819.

Any insight on what is happening here or where/what could be the issue will
help a lot.

Much appreciated. Thanks.

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