Here are the details behind the LBE7410 error:

Message . . . . : File &1 cannot be opened OUTPUT. File is opened
Cause . . . . . : File &1 is a logical file and so it cannot be
Recovery . . . : To clear the file, clear all of the physical files
which it is

Looks like you're trying to work with an LF and a CLRPFM won't work on it.

Rich Loeber - @richloeber
Kisco Information Systems


On 2/21/2013 10:53 AM, Aaron Abreu wrote:

I all the years I've used an iSeries, I've never ran across this,

It happens on our TEST machine, but NOT on the Production system.

I've deleted and rebuilt the 1 file that has the error, but no success.
and I'm the only 1 using the file in the TEST system.

Any Idea's ??


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