On 15 Feb 2013 13:02, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
So, that all being true

FWiMC: Go to the archives to find what "that all" is.... I am too lazy to bring in any snippet from my prior reply; just as apparently was the responder to clarify of what is being discussed [while also having left my text after the EOM, which my email client will ignore, just like the archives do].

, then what is the purpose of SETOBJACC?

I will let the docs explain.

_i Set Object Access (SETOBJACC) i_
"The Set Object Access (SETOBJACC) command temporarily changes the speed of access to an object by bringing the object into a main storage pool or purging it from all main storage pools. An object can be kept main storage resident by selecting a pool for the object that has available space and does not have jobs associated with it. Repeated use of the command can cause a set of objects to be resident in a main storage pool. ..."

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