Robb, you mention a record level check with the outfile for DSPFFD. I ran into that with one of the QADB* files - I forget - but it's format was changed at 7.1

So I recommend SQL in either case. I think I found that the system catalog views did not give me what I needed for what I was doing, either, so I went directly to the QADB* files.


On 2/5/2013 2:07 PM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
About the only use for DSPFFD would be for display files and non DB stuff
like that. Granted, DSPFFD may be quicker from the command line than
entering the lookup into your favorite sql tool.

A drawback to DSPFFD OUTPUT(*OUTFILE) is, if you use RLA and not sql to
access the file, you could get a record level check with an OS upgrade.

Oh, and you may want to look at SYSCOLUMNS. It's a view over QADBIFLD.
Knowing the various SYS* views may be helpful if you hear someone talk
about one of these in a forum for SQL Server or any number of other
database products. You can use their same queries.

Check out
FROM syspartitionstat
The short name for syspartitionstat is syspstat

Rob Berendt

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