Pinging worked for us and all processes that
used worked - it was just pinging loopback and
all process that used loopback that failed.

They failed because the default host name search priority (in chgtcpdmn)
changed from *local to *remote in v7r1 and there was a device on the
network named the same thing as our domain name. We never noticed
in v5r4 because v5r4 always searched locally for "loopback" first.

We put an explicit full name for loopback ( and
that worked. Later we found out changing the host name search priority
would have worked as well.

One of the things that made it hard to debug was it would sometimes
connect loopback to in the cache and then everything would
would until the next ipl when the cache was flushed and troubles started

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We had a weird one that took a week to figure out.

Our domain setup was and we had host entries for
loopback and localhost at

At some point, a vendor installed a router in you HVAC system and
named it company.local

After that, iseries stuff directed to worked fine, but stuff
directed to localhost or loopback did not. The clue was that pinging localhost resolved to a strange address.

We added a host entry for (not just loopback)
pointing to and everything was fine.

Probably not your issue, but the symptoms sound similar.

Now that would have been a lovely one - but sadly when I ping localhost I get - thanks though for the suggestion.

Jon Paris

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