Hi, Chuck:

This brings up an interesting question: (at least, I think it is interesting ...)

Other than save and restore operations, where else is this "member level ID" ever used?


Mark S. Waterbury

> On 1/24/2013 2:48 PM, CRPence wrote:
On 24 Jan 2013 10:26, CRPence wrote:

The CPYSRCF command has a Source Change Date (SRCCHGDATE) parameter
which may make that command preferable over CPYF [for the ability to ask
for the preferred outcome to maintain that value]:
I forgot to mention the "To member identifier" (TOMBRID) parameter
which has the [probably somewhat undesirable for this scenario] default
of *GEN versus *FROMMBR when using that CL command for _copy_ method
versus using save\restore to move the data [members] from the PF38-SRC
to the newly created PF-SRC.

_i Copy Source File (CPYSRCF) i_
To member identifier (TOMBRID)

Specifies, for new members added to the to-file, whether the member
level identifier will be generated or copied from the member level
identifier of the member in the from-file.

The member level identifier of the new member in the to-file will
be generated.

The member level identifier of the new member in the to-file will
be the same as the member being copied.

I suppose that is not extremely important because restores from old
backups to effect source recovery would still require use of the
ALWOBJDIF(*FILELVL) to get past the new File Level Identifier. However
any other interface that might also refer back to a stored copy of that
Mbr LvlId value would not infer change when there was effectively no change.

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