There is no 'command' (that I know of) to expire a brms tape. You have to
step through the screens to do it. If there was a command I could easily
secure the command, or use the command exit point to control the usage of
that command.

But I am doing further reading... I do NOT have the BRMS advanced feature
installed. I believe there is something there for additional "function"
securing. In reading this:

Media Management Components
In the area of media management, the following usage levels are

Basic Media Activities
This is the basic usage level for this function. Users with access to
media activities can perform basic media-related tasks such as using
adding media to BRMS. Users with this access can also use and view,
but not
change, media policies, and media classes. Users without access to
media activities cannot see related menu options or command parameter
Advanced Media Activities
Users with access to the advanced media activities can perform media
such as expiring, removing, and initializing media.
So basically you secure them from "Advanced Media Activities".

I 'STILL' may be wrong on this. It may be you do not need the advance
feature but you may need to do this with iNav. CAUTION: I am under the
impression that once you start doing some BRMS operations with iNav you
will have to only do them with iNav and no longer can use the text based
Notice: I don't remember what gave me that impression.

There are exit programs for BRMS. But I don't think there's one
'published' for expiring media. Although I'd dearly love to know how the
function in iNav gets used by the commands.
See "Appendix C. APIs and Exit Programs" at

Rob Berendt

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