We are recommending to all our customers to be running RAID5 with Hot Spare since disk drives are so cheap now. All my IBM I servers are also running Raid5 with not spare.


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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We're using RAID 5 with no hot spare. We have monitoring software in case, (scratch that) for when a disk fails. As soon as I get that message I am supposed to call IBM (if they didn't call me first). And replace the drive ASAP; weekend, night, prime time - no difference.

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Any of your systems configured for RAID 6 protection?
Noticed any discernible performance decrease with RAID 6 compared to
what you had with RAID 5?

Or do you just use RAID 5 on yours?
We configured our high-availability POWER 7 8202 for RAID 6.

I am considering possibility of RAID 6 on our production POWER 7 8202.
Currently it is RAID 5.

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