My 170 is named "Bubba".

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My model 170 is called Eddie.

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I still call z/OS MVS. No one seems to mind. And I call the z/Series boxes
(whatever they are calling them at this point) "The processor." Funny, but
no one thinks I don't know how it all works, although they may think I am a
dinosaur (oh well, their mistake.)

Ah, for the days of 729's, 2401's, 1403's, 2540's, 7080's, and 2065's.


Doug Fuerst
Principal Consultant
BK Associates

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"Name of the week" ... really. It's been well established that this is
an exaggeration worthy of a politician!

We have met the enemy, and it is US!

Using the excuse that "somebody else calls it that so I will too" is a
guarantee that the old name will never die. Heck IBM service itself when
I report a problem asks me for the operating system and server. I tell
them "IBM i on Power Systems" and they WAYTOOFREEKINGOFTEN reply: "So
OS/400 on AS/400 then." I *ALWAYS sigh loudly into the phone, then I
correct them, usually reminding them that there have been no AS/400's
built this century.

Sure your customers may in fact say "AS/400" or "iSeries". First time
they do let them know that on the front of the system it says "POWER"
and the operating system is IBM i. After that simply let them say what
they want but ALWAYS use the correct names yourself. Sure a few times
they may come back with "You mean the AS/400?" but after being corrected
a couple times they'll get it. Customers don't want people to think
they're unenlightened clue-free cave dwelling curmudgeons either. It's
curious really how easily they will change with our help.

If we put 1/2 the effort into using the proper, current, and correct
names for our beloved platform ourselves that we've put into all this
whining about wanting our AS/400 back, AS/400 would live only in's archives and somewhere on wikipedia - oh and on Trevor's
history charts.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 12/11/2012 9:31 PM, Robert Munday wrote:
But with IBM changing the name as often as they have and do, how is an
independent rent-a-programmer like me supposed to keep up? I still have
clients who call it "the 400". They pay the bills so they are free to call
it anything they desire. I personally use "iSeries". My most recent client
uses the term "iSeries". If I were selling software in the example you
site, then I would need to know and use the "IBM Name Of The Week"...
whatever that is this week. I personally don't know.

Robert Munday
Munday Software Consultants
Montgomery, AL

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I know of a company including several persons there personally including
the person who made the mistake. They were asked by a huge potential
customer what their systems ran on. The response: "AS/400". The customer
immediately and finally closed discussions with: "Yeah well IBM quit
making those over a decade ago so you clearly don't have the ability to
support our needs with that." Game over. No explanations, backpedaling,
clarification, could help. The potential customer believed it was a
mindset. What does the company really use? IBM i 7.1 on POWER7. Oops.

Names matter.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 12/11/2012 5:06 PM, Jim Oberholtzer wrote:
Note to software vendors: If you want me to consider your software for
the IBM i operating environment running on Power Systems, please do not
call it, iSeries, AS/400, System i, or my personal favorite System/38.
Clearly if you don't know the name of the system your working on I
cannot trust your software. Most of the vendors monitor this list and
don't hand me the line: "That's what our customers call it....." Don't
correct the customer but always use the correct terminology when you are
speaking and guess what, they will start using it too....

What brought this rant on? Three calls today from vendors asking if I
would like to talk about their iSeries or AS/400 products..... Geesh..
Now I'm starting to sound a bit like Trevor without the accent.....

I'll be quiet now.

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