IBM dropped support for Advanced 36 (*M36 virtual machines) after V4R4 ...

So, when you say, "Will run programs in s36 mode, ..." there could be "issues."

By "s36 mode" if you meant "System 36 Environment", then that is a different matter. Also bear in mind that there is a significant conversion effort to go from a "real " IBM System/36 or Advanced/36 to an AS/400 running in the "System 36 Environment" of OS/400 or IBM i.

And, some things just /_will not convert_/, such as:

1. S/36 assembler subroutines
2. compiled programs for which you do not have source code

because S/36 object code can only run in the *M36 virtual machine, not in the "System 36 Environment" of OS/400.

If you are currently running "real" S/36 code in one or more *M36 virtual machines, there may be some alternatives that can buy you some time ... and help you to move gradually to newer hardware.

You could get a significant /upgrade/ in performance and capabilities by obtaining a newer used IBM iSeries model such as a model 270 or model 800 that is capable of running V4R5, and that (I think) could still run the *M36 virtual machines...

With that hardware, you can run the *M36 virtual machines side-by-side with OS/400, while you gradually convert your old applications to run in the System/36 environment.

I would also suggest you look at spending some money on a conversion tool like Target/400 (see http://www.epi-software.com/targetindex.htm) or ProStart (see http://www.linomasoftware.com/products/prostart/58) to help convert to "native" OS/400 as quickly as possible.

Once you have everything converted to "S36E" (System 36 Environment), then you can move to POWER systems running IBM i 7.1.

(Let me know if you were actually talking about System 36 Environment) versus *M36 virtual machines).

Hope this helps,

Mark S. Waterbury

> On 12/4/2012 9:52 PM, franz400 wrote:
Looking for recommendations (they already have the BP) for a low end system,
Replacing a couple Advanced 36 systems, one local, other will be remote via vpn.
Will run programs in s36 mode, but hopefully they will add newer features (email, advanced printing (pdf), some edi, light web hosting)
Each system currently has 3 - 5 users each.

Considering the 8202 DAT tape drive - i see they now offer a usb attach.
2- 146 Gig drives mirrored (maybe 4) - (is there a better option? have occasional need for up to 80 gig useable)
tower model (under a desk)
legacy dev tools
sql development tool
system i access
(having trouble finding weblink of software products avail to review...

How much memory needed to drive system and up to 10 users and couple printers, with room to expand?
How limiting is the entry 710 vs entry 720?

Since it appears 1/4 inch cartridge tape not supported, am expecting to ftp the libraries from an intermediary (520) system. Any other options?

Even though BP will answer these, I appreciate the experience on this list.

Jim Franz

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