Hi, James:

I recall using a Java version of the "IBM Library Reader" ...

I found this with a google search for "IBM Library Reader for Mac OS" ...


Excerpt below (from near the bottom of the above page.)

- Download the linux version, ilrjava.tar, of the IBM Softcopy Reader.
- Extract the files via "tar -xvf ilrjava.tar" or Stuffit!
- To run the Book Reader: "java -jar book.jar"
- To run the Bookshelf Organizer: "java -jar shelves.jar"

Make sure you have your classpaths and whatnot properly set.

If you want double-clickable applications, get the developer tools that
shipped with your OS and wrap those commands up with MRJAppBuilder.

I abandoned LR when they started providing PDF version of all their
books. But I tried this just now (sans books) and it looks fine.


Hope That Helps,

Mark S. Waterbury

> On 12/2/2012 10:45 AM, James Lampert wrote:
Finally got my Mac Mini at work. Finally some light at the end of the
long, dark, tunnel of having to deal with WinDoze on a daily basis.

But over the weekend, I realized that there are a whole lot of manuals
that I access regularly, that (for my purposes) only exist on the
Softcopy CD.

And I think everybody here already knows my opinion of the
Disinformation Center.

While there's always the alternative of generating PDFs of the books I
actually use, it would be nice to be able to access the softcopy CD
directly, just in case I need to look up something in a volume I
didn't think to convert.


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