Yes, I know about generating the SQL--sorry I didn't make that clear. In fact, I had just gone through the exercise of tweaking one into what Aldon LMi expects as pseudo code, which caused me to post the question.

I'm trying to talk myself into no source...

If I forget about source, and let Index Advisor create the index, I can then just use the Aldon LMi load facility to enroll them in Aldon as non-source objects. Aldon will them always keep track of them as dependent objects as needed and promote them through the environments for me.

If I need to change one, I check it out, which means I have an empty index in my checkout library. Then I use the iNav GUI to alter the index (hmmm - I haven't tried that on a index) and then let Aldon take care of the promotion and distribution.

This seems like less work to me. Only downside I see is that I have to educate my co-workers on how this works.

Maybe someone else can pick holes in this approach.


On 12/4/2012 6:49 AM, Jim Oberholtzer wrote:

Instead of having index adviser create the index for you, use the "Show
SQL" option in the drop down(At V7 it's the third item)

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