When an SQL object is defined to Aldon, all of that "gobbledygook" source is
read and executed under the covers to recreate the table/index. :-))

Aldon can even "retrieve" the source from the object if none exists. It's
called "pseudo source" and can then be reformatted to make it be more
readable by human beings.

As for this old-timer, I'll stick with DDS. Now get off my lawn. :-))

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On 12/3/2012 8:32 PM, Sam_L wrote:
The non-source object approach is the easiest but I have this
hankering for source under source control... I can get the source
back from Index Advisor, but then I have to hand tweak it to fit into

Although I have zero experience with Aldon (for obvious reasons), I would
lean on the side of a source based approach ... strictly from a
documentation perspective.

I assume Aldon can handle source based SQL objects?

(who works for PTC, formerly MKS and an Aldon competitor, in addition to
running midrange.com)

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