Kisco is another company--Safenet is their product. So now there are four I know of.

Seems like few folk are willing to comment on what product they are using.


On 12/3/2012 12:11 AM, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
Hi Sam

I can think of 2. Centerfield Technology used to have a tool for this
that was not too complicated to work with. It might be sufficient for
your needs, I'm not sure. Take a look at
and look around - I worked there for a few years up to 2004, and I don't
know what is there now.

The other is Powertech, I believe. This is much more comprehensive in
its coverage - and maybe complexity as to setup - I have no experience
doing that, so your mileage will very likely vary. I do have much
respect for John Earl, who was the original creator (I believe) of
Powertech. got me to a page - they've been acquired,
it appears, by the same group that now owns Help Systems and ASC and ???


If anyone is using a Remote Access Security Manager and feels free to
provide the name and comment on the effectiveness, ease of use and
support, it would be appreciated.

In a former life, where I wasn't the responsible party, we installed a
3rd party tool that kept out the riff-raff--I can't recall the name, but
it was extremely granular and thus quite complex to manage. My research
so far indicates that Powertech, Net IQ (was Pentasafe)and Enforcive
(was BSafe) have products.

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