Are you wanting a sum by item-group?

CASE statement should do it for you.

SELECT item-group,
SUM(CASE item-group WHEN 'A' THEN fieldname
WHEN 'B' THEN fieldname * -1
FROM filename
GROUP BY item-group

Any groups other than "A" or "B"? You could add an ELSE clause to the CASE

Have fun!

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Can I sum a fieldname using the CASE stmt as follows:

when the item-group = 'A', sum as is;
when the item-group = 'B', multiply by -1 and then sum?

How is this best accomplished?

Must I have two select stmts, one for the 'A' group and another for the 'B'

Or can I somehow use the CASE stmt to sum each case differently?

Or a better way?


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