Would something like below work?

select (select sum(fieldToSum) from MYFILE where itemGroup = 'A') - (select sum(fieldToSum) from MYFILE where itemGroup = 'B') from QSQPTABL

"Stone, Joel" <Joel.Stone@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:<mailman.2050.1354315304.10847.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx>...
Can I sum a fieldname using the CASE stmt as follows:

when the item-group = 'A', sum as is;
when the item-group = 'B', multiply by -1 and then sum?

How is this best accomplished?

Must I have two select stmts, one for the 'A' group and another for the 'B' group?

Or can I somehow use the CASE stmt to sum each case differently?

Or a better way?


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