NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Do not power that down with a failed Load Source! There is a possibility it will NOT IPL even with RAID and a failed load source.

Basically the process is
Go into service tools (STRSST)
-Start a Service Tool
-Hardware Service Manager
-Work with Service Action Log (Select a date range that includes when the drive failed.)
Identify the problem (Usually 4319FFF4 or 4318FFF4 or similar. Usually ends in FFF4) and use option 2 (Failing Item)
The list will be 2 or 3 items, find the drive (usually top of the list) and enter option number 8 (concurrent maintenance)
The screen will be completed with a 'Remove' operation. Once you press ENTER there you'll have about 20 seconds to pull the drive. It should be BLINKING telling you which one and when it's safe to do so.
-Once complete DO NOT hit ENTER, instead hit F12 to return to the concurrent maintenance screen.
-Prepare the new drive by slipping it half way into the chassis.
-Change the option to 'Install' and Press Enter. You now have about 20 seconds to insert the new drive and lock it in.
Once complete exit service tools to the point where you can go into Work with Disk Units.
-Select Work with disk unit recovery
-Select Rebuild DIsk Unit Data.
Allow that to complete and you are now protected once again.

Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 12/1/2012 11:16 AM, JackTucky wrote:
I have a friend I'm helping to get his limping along 270 hard drive
replaced. He has 5 drives in a RAID set. The load source drive is failed.

We have a drive to replace the failing one. Since all drives are in the
RAID set can we just power down, replace the drive, and IPL?

I've been reading around about special steps for the load source drive
failing but I THINK it's a problem when the Load source is not in the RAID

Thanks, Jack

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