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I'll take a couple guesses here.

The directories in QNTC are usually named by discovery - that is, a poll is made of Windows machines on the network that looks for file shares.

If you create one of those directories by hand, using the MKDIR command, you have to use the share name - no "renaming" at that point.

So I think that when you renamed it on the i, it still had a reference to the original name - that is my assumption.


On 11/13/2012 10:55 PM, Peter Dow wrote:
A colleague of mine has an interesting situation. He used WRKLNK to
rename a QNTC directory, /QNTC/server/share/Incoming as Incoming.sv,
then created a new directory named Incoming in the same folder,
expecting to end up with


And that's the way it appeared. However, when he tried to display the
new Incoming folder using WRKLNK option 5, it said "Object not found".
But Incoming.sv showed the contents of Incoming.

The network guy deleted the //server/share/Incoming from Windows. At
this point I'm a little hazy on what happened, but the Incoming.sv
folder was also gone by the time I got to look at things.

I used MKDIR '/QNTC/server/share/Incoming' and tried to look at its
contents with WRKLNK option 5, but I got the same "Object not found",
and I couldn't delete it from the iSeries. However, I was able to look
at its contents (empty) with iNavigator, that is, via
/QNTC/server/share/Incoming. Then I tried using iNavigator to delete
it, and it went merrily along and said it deleted it, but a refresh of
the iNav window showed it still there!

So I tried it from the Windows side of things. I was able to delete the
Incoming folder, then created Incoming and Incoming.sv folders. I put a
file into Incoming, and it was not visible from Incoming.sv, and vice
versa, both from the Windows perspective, and from the iSeries.

We thought all was well, but today the weirdness started happening again
-- files in one folder show up in the other without being copied there.

Anyone seen this? It's a v5r4 system on its way out, so no IBM support
(which my colleague found out when he called them to ask what was going on).

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