Well, in the case of Multiple Checkout *NO, you can still perform multiple checkout's if using an "Emergency App" checkout. This case causes a conflict to be registered for the user holding the original checkout requiring a review of the code changes delivered in the emergency app promotion form.

-Eric DeLong

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There is a global setting that determines if you can have multiple checkout in TurnOver.
It's set from the utility menu Allow Multiple Checkout.
However it is essentially yes or no.
If you say Allow Multiple Checkout *NO then you can't period.
If you say *YES then when you checkout the second time you get a message at the bottom of the screen saying it's checked out by someone else and they may not be visible if any other messages come during the checkout.
When you go to promote a form if the other programmer with checkout has promoted into that level first then you get a form error saying you have to acknowledge the other checkout before the form can be run.
Some TurnOver customers will set the value to *YES but use the CHECKOUT exit point to provide additionally functionality, like only permit certain users to do multiple checkout, or send a message to an admin that multiple checkout has been done.

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