Glad it went despite the small issues. The LPP software agreements has caught most all of us at one point or another, even those of us that do upgrades and installs all the time. Credit where it's due, Larry Bolhuis turned me on to the QVOIFIMG program. It was added by Rochester a while back by PTF to V5R4 and on, then included in the cumulative. I just did a PTF application to a V7 system over the weekend, over 30 .bin files to add to the image catalog. Took about 20 seconds. Sweet.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 11/5/2012 8:49 AM, Porterfield, Sean wrote:
Completed the upgrade yesterday with a few trials but nothing serious.

Booted off the image catalog and got an error before anything really got started.

Install Licensed Internal Code - Error
Error reason code 83.
Do not IPL until a service representative can collect needed information.

There wasn't much else, and even though the screen said to press F1 for more information, F1 said there was no help available.

Two hours later when IBM finally called back, a tech (not the one I was talking to) said "Oh, just press enter."

Then 5770TS1 failed to install because it said I hadn't accepted the license agreement. I had accepted all license agreements once, then again when I did the VFYIMGCLG and it said I needed to accept one. The PWRDWNSYS did a VFYIMGCLG as well, so I'm not sure how it missed one program.

The only odd things I've noticed so far are:

Running jobs that show "No job log information." In WRKJOB option 10, including one that has MSGW with an error.

QSYSOPR messages "TCP26A2 Source specific multicast error occurred for line"

Also, not surprisingly, i5_COMD from Zend Core doesn't seem to be working. Zend Core itself does seem to be working, though. (Not supported on 7.1)

Thanks to all who provided information on this topic, especially Jim Oberholtzer for the ADDIMGCLGE shortcut that is really awesome: "call Qvoifimg parm('imgclgname' '*ALL' 0)"

Hopefully my other system will be just as painless when I upgrade it in 2 weeks.
Sean Porterfield

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